Computational Craft Zines!

Posted on Jan 18, 2018 in Craft, Learning
Computational Craft Zines!

This summer, Becky Stewart gave a wonderful workshop on the Math Behind Circuits. Instead of lecturing us at a white board (which she would never do anyway), Becky busted out that wonderful little nostalgic nugget of punk self-publishing: the zine. So broadly applicable, so unintimidating – a perfect format for teaching complex topics to novices. Not to mention it forced me to illustrate and think through how I would fit these concepts within small paper real estates. Feel free to use, adapt, and enjoy.


ZINE 1: Crafting a Path

This zine was developed for an introductory class in my Computational Craft course. It is designed to scaffold concepts and skills for learners through a hands-on, interactive approach.

Download it here.

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ZINE 2: The Wonderful World of eCraft + eTextile Connectors

I developed this zine as for a class on eTextile tools. Connections are one of the most challenging design elements in the world of eTextiles and electronic craft. Bridging soft materials with hard electronics is a rich space for experimentation. Inventing your own tools to supplement your practice is not only helpful, but is an opportunity to reflect on eTextiles as a unique discipline drawing from many different fields.

This zine is based on and inspired by TOOLS WE WANT by Irene Posch, Ebru Kurbak, Hannah Perner-Wilson, and Mika Satomi and by the eTextile Connector Workshop by Lara Grant and Rachel Freire.

Tutorial on how to make a one-sheet zine from Experiment with Nature.

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