Sonic Quilt Resource Gathering

Posted on Oct 17, 2017 in Craft, In process, Tutorials

Below are a collection of resources for the Sonic Quilt project. Following the first exhibition of the prototype, I found there is much room for iteration. In the second prototype, the goal is to embed each individual quilt square with its own audio player. The initial version used the Audio FX Board by Adafruit, but it does not have the right form (too bulky) or the right functionality (not programmable) I’m looking for. Instead, I will design fabric PCBs that allow easy access for SD card switcheroos. The next iteration will also include a better power solution: (1) recharging lip battery circuit or (2) power and ground bus lines that can plug straight into the wall.



The Player

How to Make an Audio Player with Speaker Using the Arduino Uno!

This is an amazing image btw ^^

Arduino Simple Audio Player

Simple Arduino Audio Player and Amplifier with LM386

Cheap and Easy SD WAVE Player by TSJWang

….inspired by…..

Simple SD Audio Player with an 8-pin IC


The Recorder

Arduino Forum Thread



Micro SD breakout board by Robot Shop for $2.74

MicroSD Card Breakout by Adafruit for $7.50