#MakeEveryWeek: Human Synth w/Makey Makey bit

Posted on Apr 22, 2015 in #MakeEveryWeek, Craft
#MakeEveryWeek: Human Synth w/Makey Makey bit

The lovely folks over at littleBits asked me to create a project spotlighting the new Makey Makey bit. Designing a wearable instrument was the obvious choice. Here’s the full project write up!

Compose and choreograph at the same time! Using conductive fabric, conductive thread, the synth kit and the Makey Makey bit, this wearable instrument will turn you into the music making cyborg you’ve always wanted to be.

To create this digital sound interface, I made switches out of conductive fabric (you can totally use aluminum foil as well) and placed them on different parts of the hoodie. One side of the switch is ground and the other is a Makey Makey (MM) input. When you touch both at the same time, it closes the switch and triggers a sound from the synth bits attached to the MM input.

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