TeacherQuest is a fresh approach to professional development designed to empower teachers as designers, increase student engagement and re-imagine what teaching can be through games and game-like learning. TeacherQuest’s long-term goal is to build the capacity of a vibrant learning community of teachers and school leaders. This program was carefully designed as a multi-leveled sequence for educator learning and leadership development in order to build this capacity, developed through years of research with teachers at Quest to Learn, a public middle and high school in New York City.

TeacherQuest’s District-wide Vision from Institute of Play on Vimeo.

Sample workshops included:

  • Weeklong introductions to games and game-like learning in which teachers worked in groups to design, prototype, and test their own analog learning game.
  • Four day intensives in which selected students and their teachers get hands-on with the design process as they develop a game around their school’s values.
  • Two year long STEMQuest program in which teachers participate in two, week long summer intensives with regular check-ins throughout the year to support in-school implementation.

I worked on program design, development, and implementation of TeacherQuest.