This is part of the Wedding Series, a collection of pieces intended to escape traditional wedding rituals in create new narratives of the entrenched traditions governing commitment ceremonies.

This Save the Date was my first toe dip into transforming wedding duties into something more subversive and personal. Subversive, not so much (again, a toe dip), but as a personal object that helped me grapple with a process and institution my youth deemed…problematic, it was a success.

This paper circuit animation is comprised of modular LED paper boxes that can be snapped to a wooden board holding a copper circuit. Running your finger along the left edge triggers each box to turn on.

This concept was inspired by the wonderfully whimsical work of Becca Rose. For the 2015 eTextile Swatch Book, she created a method of paper animation that I think is quite elegant in its simplicity and impact for the maker or user. See it here.


Final Versions