I have been wanting to play around with using Kapton sheets as a circuit base for a while now after seeing all the fun things Kobakant has been making with it (like this Ohm Broach). I decided to create a quick LED tester that I can plug right into the Arduino instead of having to hook LEDs up to a breadboard every time I want to test a sensor with output.

Materials: Kapton sheet (as thick as you can find), Copper foil sheet, 1210/3528 SMD LEDs, 220 Ohm 1/8th watt resistors, non-metal beads, male header pins, Karl Grimm High Flex 3981 conductive thread, contact paper, double-sided tape, crimp bead

Tools: Vinyl Cutter, Soldering iron and solder, scissors, needle, tweezers/small needle nose pliers

Resources: Illustrator file

Soldering the circuit: