Data Vows is a series of biometric sensing garments for near future commitment ceremonies. It imagines a world where these rituals are no longer sworn by words, but by unlocked by displaying and exchanging our most sacred physical information. In order to be wed, partners must trade heartbeat data to cement their devotion. When one partner is in close enough proximity, a custom crafted corset senses and a handmade kerchief illuminate and respond to the rhythm of their combined heartbeats.

The methodology is speculative. The wedding was real.



Both partners wear a Polar One Heart Rate sensor that wirelessly transmits their heart rates to a receiver on custom made garments through embedded LED displays. The receiver is connected to an Adafruit Flora microcontroller that displays the speed of their heartbeat: as their heart rate increases, the fading speed of the LEDs increase.

The transmitter and the receiver are proximity-based, meaning they only talk to each other within a 3-4 foot range. They also do not have unique addresses, meaning a transmitter and receiver cannot be paired to know which transmitter is attached to which receiver and vice versa. When partners stand near each other, the receivers intercept both signals. The data is woven together and displayed on both partners’ garments.



Full documentation forthcoming. In the meantime, check out the full Flickr set here.